Benefits of Yoga for Kids

KarmaKids Yoga is great fun for your child's mind, body and spirit. We combine stories, music, imagination and visualisation with traditional yoga techniques to create a unique movement experience.

Children are innately flexible; they love to engage all their senses and explore freely with their mind, body and spirit. KarmaKids Yoga offers fun-filled classes where children are encouraged to discover their inner potential in a non-threatening environment and to feel good about themselves, both inside and out.


Children who practice KarmaKidsYoga

•  develop balance, strength and body awareness
•  build toned and supple muscles
•  increase their concentration, focus and attention
•  nurture their imagination and creativity
•  build self-esteem and confidence
•  develop personal tools for stress management
•  enjoy increased self awareness
•  learn compassion and co-operation
•  respect others and the environment
•  learn anatomy and physiology



 Teacher Training

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